Schemes Programme

1.Animal Health Care

To establish a comprehensive veterinary health care system, disease diagnosis, disease monitoring, surveillance and reporting system for providing a better veterinary health care and delivery system and maintain the disease free status to this UT in respect specified diseases.

2.Dairy & Fodder Development

To augment the milk production from the present level of 23,995 tonnes to 27,000 tonnes over the next five years.

Increasing the fodder resources of the Island from the present level of availability of Green Fodder 650,000 tonnes to 800,000 tonnes and Dry Fodder from 65,000 tonnes to 90,000 tonnes over the next five years.

3.Poultry Development

To augment the egg production from the present level of 698 (lakhs Nos.) to 740 (lakhs Nos.) over the next five years and to increase the Poultry meat production from the present level 4199 MT to 6170 MT over the next five years as well as to popularise the backyard poultry, Turkey, Vanaraja and quail farming among the farmers.

4.Goatery Development

To improve the productivity of Goats in terms of both meat and milk by 50% of the present level and popularising Goat farming on a large scale by importing Boer/Malabari goats from mainland.

Conservation of threatened breed of Teressa Goats for evaluation and propagation and supply of same to the farmers.

5.Piggery Development

Increasing the productivity of pigs by transforming 80% of the pig population in this UT to crossbreed Large White Yorkshire and popularising Pig keeping among the Non-Tribal population.

6.Extension and Training

To popularise the livestock/poultry ventures and to provide training and assistance to encourage the farmers to take up self employment ventures in Animal Husbandry Sector.