1. Providing Veterinary Health coverage to livestock and birds including vaccination, disease diagnosis and disease surveillance.

  2. Up-gradation of genetic resources of livestock i.e. Cattle, Buffaloes, Goats and Pigs as well as Poultry.

  3. Providing infrastructure for cold chain facilities for Artificial Insemination.

  4. Providing insurance coverage to high producing cows and buffaloes.

  5. Augmenting fodder resources.

  6. Maintenance of Livestock and Poultry demonstration farms.

  7. Motivating farmers & unemployed persons on scientific rearing of livestock for self employment.

  8. Augmenting the production of milk, meat and egg.

  9. Conducting of Quinquennial Livestock Census.

  10. Conducting of Sample Survey for assessment of production of Livestock Products

  11. Implementation of RKVY.

  12. Implementation of Centrally Sponsored /Central Sector Schemes on Animal Husbandry Sector.

  13. Construction/Up-gradation of Veterinary Institutions.